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Care to
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Making care delivery
immediate, convenient, and
cost effective – without

Build a Better Healthcare Model

REEF’s healthcare division brings essential medical services closer to the places people live. Using our 5,000-location real estate network, partnerships, staffing, and infrastructure, we help healthcare providers create the modular micro-campuses neighborhoods need to stay healthy.

COVID-19 Testing
Primary & Specialty Care



5 mins

away from


of North America’s
Urban Population

Making Care

The traffic on the way to the hospital. The search for a parking spot. The hours spent away from family and work. Together with our partners, like Carbon Health, we remove a primary blocker to care by bringing the care to patients’ blocks.

Healthcare Providers

In our many years of managing healthcare campuses, we’ve witnessed the detrimental impact time and distance can have on the patient experience and preventative care initiatives. We provide the logistical support healthcare providers need – like property management, project management, flow design and more – so they can focus on delivering exceptional medical services.

Tackling Covid-19

We are proactively transforming parking locations in our real estate network into COVID-19 testing sites with on-site laboratories. These sites are capable of meeting local testing and processing needs with speed and efficiency while minimizing the risk of exposure and transmission.

Bringing Wellness to Communities

Our extended ecosystem of products and services helps healthcare
providers step beyond a traditional, transactional care model and
promote healthier living in a more meaningful way.

After all, encouraging walking is easier when your campus is walkable;
healthy eating more attainable when you share space with an urban farm.

In a similar vein, our ecosystem can be used to swiftly deploy wellness
initiatives for healthcare personnel, empowering them to spend more of
their downtime doing what they love.

Meal Services
Grocery Delivery
Mobility Initiatives


Our Partners in Health

Closer Customers.

Happier Communities.

Growing Businesses.

Reef is here to help.